To who ever is reading this right now..... Welcome to a page that has high contents of Lady Gaga and the occasional nude male. I also post random text about how angry I am at small things in the world that I notice because of my open mind and obsessive nature. I play guitar sometimes and sing all the time I want to start a musical revolution and bring it all together so that the world can see that music is always music and it will always be a source of joy and happiness and I think that music can save the dying world that we live in. Music will be the thing that starts world peace one day and I hope I'm alive to see it and it would be even better if I could be a part of it! By the way I'm pretty high right now so this might not even make any sense at all but if you're still reading nice one <3 <---- There is some love just for you ;) Although I may at first appear to be your usual flaming homosexual, I am actually quite mellow I'd pick a doobie under the summer moonlight over nearly everything except for anything related to Lady Gaga but we all have our Queens. Well I've covered my idol, love for music and a musical revolution for world peace and that's me summed up so go now! Live a great life! Smile when you wake up! Love! Laugh! Make great memories! Rise like a phoenix! And don't forget to stay a bad ass mother fucker! Love from James xx

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Tumblr Crushes:
Get in my bed all of you ;) 

Tumblr Crushes:

Get in my bed all of you ;) 

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